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Birthdate:Nov 21
Location:Washington, United States of America
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I'm a computer geek who grew up with his dad in Austin, TX. I had a typical geek childhood, I probably spent more time creating characters for the various RPG's I played than I did on homework.

I moved in with my mom when I was 17 (Financial reasons) and found out Dinner could consist of more than Bologna Sandwiches on white bread with Mayo.

Fast forward 8 years during which I tried to go to college, was depressed, made bad decisions and worked as a security guard, I got a job to Tech support for MS Office, was laid off, a few months and jobs later got a chance to program for a small publishing company that wanted an Internet presence. I also met the love of my life m_cobweb.

We moved to Seattle (Her dream), I worked for MS a couple of times as a contractor, and finally got hired as a bluebadge in 2002. I just want to say I LOVE THE BENEFITS!!

My life is fun, according to my WIFE (Yup, she succumbed to my constant pleading) I spend too much time on the computer, I say we spend too much time at the Mercury (She says not enough).

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